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The Utah Council on Conflict Resolution (UCCR) is a statewide umbrella organization for all persons interested in enhancing the network of professionals performing or promoting conflict resolution in the State of Utah. The UCCR is committed to serving the community by strengthening the professionalism and integrity of the practice of conflict resolution in Utah. This will be conducted through education and participating in related public policy making.


2017 Peacebuilder Scholarship Award

UCCR is seeking voluntary contributions from its membership to assist in the funding of the UCCR Peacebuilder Scholarship Program

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Brown Bag Presentations

 October 20, 2016

The October 20 Brown Bag Presentation will include a panel of professionals discussing the ways we encounter domestic violence at mediation. In order to facilitate this discussion we are asking for any domestic violence related questions or scenarios that our members would like answered and discussed. These questions and scenarios will be compiled for the Brown Bag presentation.


If you have any questions or scenarios please send these to Stacy Roberts at stacy@robertsresolutions.com
by October 7th.

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