Joshua King
Managing Partner
Institute of Advanced Mediation & Problem Solving (I AM)
201 South Main Street, Suite 1400
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Also in Kaysville, UT 84037

Phone: 801-815-5464
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We specialize in mediation, conflict management, group facilitation, idea and solution creation & innovation, dispute system design and problem solving. We create, capture and deliver unrivaled expertise and insight through our collaborative partnerships and live and on-demand seminars, trainings and workshops. Our focus is on the areas of elder care management & conflict resolution, divorce & custody, real estate, tort, debt & finance, business organization & employment law, personal development & communication, public policy and community relations.

Practice Areas
- Business Dissolution - Child Custody & Parenting Plans
- Commercial & Financial - Contracts
- Divorce - Employment
- Health Law & Elder Care - Personal Injury
- Probate & Estates - Real Estate & Construction

Creative professionals are those who generate ideas for a living. They are usually responsible for the design, entertainment, literature, and new businesses that bring meaning to our lives. Rarely, if ever, are Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals such as mediators, arbitrators and attorneys considered creative professionals or artists. But, as an ADR professional, I am relied on to create, innovate and perform, and my success relies on my ability to do so. At IAM, we know we must create and innovate to survive in the marketplace. We must inspire and assist our clients to create ideas and solutions. Everything we do is a creation and innovation. Everything we do is done with the purpose to allow our clients to more effectively create and innovate in their own sphere. This is what brings value to our lives, to our profession and our clients. We strive to be effective ADR professionals who are exceptionally creative and execute without fear of the unexplored.

Masters of Dispute Resolution - Pepperdine University School of Law Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution (Ranked the #1 Law School in the nation for dispute resolution by U.S. News & World Report)
Juris Doctorate- University of Tulsa
Domestic Relations Mediation Training (Approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution) The Mediation Center for Family Law in Ventura and the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution
Advanced Family Mediation Skills - Pepperdine University
Civil Harassment Mediation Training - Los Angeles Superior Court
Dispute Resolution Clinic - Pepperdine University
Certificate in Dispute Resolution - University of Tulsa
Certificate in Conflict Resolution - University of Utah, Department of Communications
B.A. (Communications and Sociology) - University of Utah

Institute of Advanced Mediation & Problem Solving (IAM)
King Mediation - Mediator/ Managing Partner
King & King Law Offices - Attorney
Jeff Krivis at First Mediation in Los Angeles, California
California Academy of Mediation Professionals in Los Angeles, California
Legal Aid Society (New York City, NY)

Fee Information
$95 to $190 p/hour

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